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    sodium humate use in animal feed and oil drilling

    Sodium humate (Causticized Lignite) can be used both in animal feeding and industry use in oil drilling and waste water treatment.

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    What's the function of sodium humate on animal feed?

    Sodium humate is made by leonardite and NaOH,generally it’s used for animal feed, industrial field and agricultural field.Of course,there is different grades of sodium humate,for example 50% grade and 70% grade,both of them can be produced into flakes and powder form,and it’s very popular in global

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    What's the difference between bio fulvic acid and mineral fulvic acid?

    Our fulvic acid is from brown coal,has high ability of hard water resistance,can be used for drip irrigation, foliar spray and fertigation,it will be better mix with NPK fertilizer.Also it will be very good for making pesticide and liquid fertilizer,or you can mix fulvic acid with pesticide for appl

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